NLP is perfect for anyone who wants to feel good,
Be happier and successful with life.
NLP is an effective method of self-development and training.


NLP therapy aims to change the person's problems that arise from
experience, thought and activity to the positive.

NLP therapy can be clear and therapy time is short-lived,
(eg fear, excitement, trauma, crisis)
which helps to find your own resources.
The change is fast and not so many visits are needed (about 1-5 pcs.).
The therapy is built in a unique

and individual way based on the person's own reality.


NLP (neurolingvistic programming) provides tools for change

and process your own thinking in a pragmatic way.
The three letters NLP comes from Neuro Linquistic Programming.

NLP is a set of different methods,
which helps the person get a new positive
vision of the present, the past and the future.
Within NLP, one appreciates an individual way

of looking at his own reality
and that you search for your own resources

in a conscious way
from the many layers of unconscious mind.


NLP therapy helps people find

what they know nothing about yet.
Subconsciously supports answers

and many options that help make changes.

The person's own resources grow

and the experience changes surprisingly quickly.


Want to improve your self esteem?
Is your life in imbalance?
Do you need energy to work at work?
Want a new perspective to handle your everyday life?


If you answered any of these questions, please contact us!
We talk more about the therapy then and think together,
what method would suits you.


The cost of a visit is 30 €
and if you need more visits then it costs 25 € / session.

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NLP can be used:

  • in coaching

  • in teaching

  • self-development and development of the working communities

  • in daily interaction with others


NLP helps with:

  • stress

  • take away fear and excitement

  • to find own resources

  • to improve self-esteem

  • self-acceptance