Have you lost a loved friend or relative

and you want to hear how he or she has it?

Or are you wondering what your deceased

friend or relative would like to tell to you?


You can ask questions or

I can also let the deceased

talk freely about everything.

I will always ask a personal message

to you that can help you get ahead in life.


Price: 10 euro/communication (during august).


What I need for a successful communication

is the name and image of your dear friend

or relative who is on the other side.


Please contact me by e-mail anneli(at)ahdata.net




A medium is a person

who can link with the spirit world.

A medium communicate with the spirit world,

and is a channel for information.

A medium's main task is to provide proof

that life goes on after the so-called death.


A medium is not a fortune teller,

for not even the spirit world knows

what the future contains.

A medium can provide tools

for you to find the answers yourself.

We have a large personal responsibility

over our own lives and how we choose to live there.


Our loved ones in the spirit world

would like to convey that they

have made the trip over to the ethereal

and that they are well.

They also want to see the that we

who are left here also are fine. 


They often want to give some tips

and ideas on how to think

or where to look to get

a different perspective on things.

They can’t tell us what to do

or think about but would like

to come with little encouragement to us.

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