Do you want to try hypnotherapy and regression therapy?


Hypnosis is a state of wakefulness and sleep.

Hypnosis is an active state in which

your consciousness is awake

but the body is in complete relaxation.

There is no one who can put someone else in hypnosis

without the person's permission.

A large misconception is that you can get

a person to do things against their

will in hypnosis, which is wrong.

You can never get anyone to do anything

that goes against the person's will.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.


I use my voice to help you to sink yourself in hypnosis

you will experience a feeling of mental

and physical relaxation during hypnosis.

In a relaxed state you come into contact

with your emotional blockages

that affects your daily life negatively

and consequently can find solutions to these.


 Hypnosis is an effective method

for e.g. weight loss, smoking,

and anxiety problems, low self esteem, phobias etc.

It is also an excellent tool

to come to a deeper understanding of yourself.


Events from the past life seem to be within us all.

Through regression you can go back

and see what happened in past lives.

This way you also get insight into

what may be causing your problems.

The regression can sometimes release current symptoms.


Some of the past is reflected in our lives.

For example, a person may seem familiar to you,

even if you do not know him from before.

Or a country and culture attracts you

much but you do not know why.

You may also feel unexplained fear

or loathing of anything

but can not remember how it started.


To go back to a past life is much simpler

than what the general public thinks.

In a regression therapy I led you to

during deep relaxation

back to memories of the past.

Memories come in the form of images and emotions.

 During the treatment we will have a dialogue

where you tell me what you experience

and I lead you by asking questions

based on what you tell me.


We have all lived many lives before this.

Therefore, one can make as many regressions any time.

A session takes about 1.5 hours

and then we also talk before

and after the regression.

We have time to work through some experiences from your past life.

The actual hypnosis takes c. 45min-1hr

You need no previous experience of hypnosis

to experience past lives.


Regression therapy can also be done via Skype.

You can download the program for free.

You'll also need a webcam,

Headphones with Microphone

and a peaceful place to relax.


Regression treatments are not recommended for minors

or people with severe mental health problems.

If you are taking medication or have

received other instructions from your doctor,

I ask you to inform about it before treatment begins.

Hypnosis does not replace traditional medical care,

but should be seen as a complement to it.



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