Energy Treatment are safe. Healing is very Relaxing

and opens up energy congestion

and activates the body's own healing process.


Mostly I give distance healing,
but you can also book a personal healing

if you live in the Vaasa region.

I also give distance healing for animals.


The advantage of the distance healing is 
that you're at home in your own

environment and receiving.
The distance treatment is

as powerful as a "physical" treatment.

During treatment,

I send the energy that you wanted.

After you contacted me, we discuss

some of the different treatment options

and tailor a treatment that will suit you.
You can either choose one form of treatment

or combination of treatments.

Healing packages are tailored individually.
I recommend that will you take a few treatments
after each other then the effects will be more long-term.
I give instructions on how to receive the treatment
and you can enjoy the healing regardless of distance.
After the healing I will give you the

respond of the treatment via email. 

I can also give you advices of how to proceed
to maintain the balance you

achieved during the treatment.
You need to drink more water

before and after the treatment
and even the next day to accelerate purifying.

Even with personalized treatments 
you have the option to choose one form of treatment

or combine few treatments.

Under the personal healing,

I have soothing music in the background,
so the healing usually feels very relaxing.
Afterwards you will feel yourself

refreshed and energetic.
After treatment we will discuss

about the thoughts and reflections 
what have possibly come up during the treatment.

The treatment also provides the opportunity to gain insights
you might not have noticed before in your life
and opens new doors to understand yourself

better and the world around you.


I offer the following treatments:

o Angel Healing
o Ahara reiki
o Karmic Reiki
o Magical Nature Reiki
o Telos Healing
o Magical Crystal Healing
o Elemental Reiki
o The Golden Triangle Healing
o Violet healing
o Kundalin Reiki
o Gold Reiki
o DNA Reiki
o Past Life Reiki
o Diamond Reiki
o Crystalline Reiki
o The Trauma of Birth Reiki
o Location Reiki
o Purplereiki
o Golden Shakti
o Karuna Reiki
o Angels & Unicorn healing Reiki
o Dolphin-Sekhem-Seichim-reiki
o Avalon Fairy Reiki
o Mystic Merlin Flame energy
o Kumarareiki
o Jesus Reiki
o Imara Reiki
o Tulip Passion Reiki
o Fairy Light RayKey energy
o Phoenix Rising Reiki
o Full Spektrunm Healing
o Tachyon energy
o Magenta energy
o Cuprite energy
o Pure Flame Energy Healing
o Flame of Universal Love Healing
o Chakra balancing
o Aura balancing
o The Seven Pearls of Reiki
o Shamballa Healing
o Money Reiki
o The Medicine Mandala
o Spirit of the Spider Medicine
o Mother of the Elements Reiki
o Lotus Petal Reiki
o Rainbow Gate energy
o Lunar Light energy
o Solar Light energy
o Lemurian Crystal Healing
o The Atlantian Healing; Crystal, Crystal Skull and Elemental Earth Star
o Ethereal Crystals healing
o Energy healing for animals
o Emotional healing for animals what have gone through difficult times
o The animal's physical healing
o Understanding the animal's behavior and healing
o Escorting the animal across the border
o Ama Deus Shamanic Healing
o Shamanic Drumming Healing

You will find the prices from the price list -page.

Please contact and make an appointment: anneli(at)

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