I also provide counseling.

Then you tell me all your troubles.
You can also talk about difficult things.
I am a good listener and I will help you intuitively.
I also give advice on study skills, learning disabilities, 
education, well-being at work and burnout.

Do not be alone with your problems, 
without sharing them with others.
That you talk about your problems,
can already help you to solve them.
It can also be good that you talk
your problems with someone you don’t know so well,
then you can also take up things that feel difficult 
and you don’t want to worry others with.
The person, you don’t know so good,
can see things from a different point of view
and provide different solutions.

Under the discussion,
we can also combine healing
or brief interpretation of your favorite cards.

Want to make a change in your life

and need help on the way?
I also provide spiritual guidance 
and personal coaching to develop your spiritual path.
During coaching you will also learn to respect,
understand and appreciate yourself.

Under the coaching, we will discuss about everything
and we do a variety of different exercises 
that will guide you to familiarize with yourself.
The coaching is tailored according to your needs.
The discussions are we doing by email,
but if you live in the Vaasa region, we can also meet.

The coaching will also includes

distance healing and interpretations
that will assist you with the development.

You will find the prices from the price list -page.

Please contact: anneli(at)