Aim of animal communication is to increase

understanding between you and your animal.

During communication, it is possible to put the

the message that the animal conveys to the verbal form.

Most pets have a special mission

and they convey important knowledge to their owners.


Animals do not use the words that we use to communicate

but they transmit feelings and thoughts

I then interprets them to words or images.


Many animal communicators testify that

animals have deep feelings,

although they have other ways of

express themselves than we are accustomed.


Animals communicator can e.g.

receive animal physical sensations,

emotions, verbal thoughts and images.


Animal communication is a wonderful way to get

new perspective on your pet.

During communication will tell the animals

for their desires and wishes

so therefore, communication can also

help with various problems.


Animal communication can also be used every day

to communicate with your animal friends.

You may ask, for example, what it likes and dislikes,

what it wants to eat and if it needs something special.

You can also ask the animal's view

for different things and situation

and by the answers you don’t need to worry anymore.

Sometimes it's just fun to know,

what the animal is thinking on.


At various times,

I can see the animal's physical problems

for example, pain, and then I can give

energy healing as needed.


I also communicate with deceased animals.

The communication is always done 

on the animal's terms

and takes place mainly on distance

but also at your home (Vaasa-Mustasaari)

or in my healing room.


When communicating is on distance,    

the distance is irrelevant.

The animal can be anywhere in the world.

I also go to other places for consultations and lectures.


I need photo of the animal and the name and age.

Please use a recent photo if possible.

Please take the picture so that

there is no people in the picture.

I also need to know if the

animal is alive or deceased.

You can also attach any questions

that you may have to the animal.

If you have problems with your animal

so tell us briefly about it.


I don’t make any diagnoses and

the communication doesn’t replace veterinary care!


You will find the prices from the price list -page

Please contact: anneli(at)

gallery/neste 307