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My company provides training, consulting, energy healing, 
interpretations, animal communication,

activations and individual coaching.



My name is Anneli. During my life I have experienced and seen a lot.
So my greatest desire became to help people and animals to get a better life.
This led me to search for customer service work
and to train me to Kundalinreikimaster and Purplereikimaster 
Angel Healer, Spiritual Animal Healer and Hypnotherapist.


I have master's degree from personnel management (KTM)

and developmental psychology (Pol. mag.).

I also have Vocational Teachers Education.
I have completed several study modules in psychology and education
and I am a research student at the University of Vaasa.
My dissertation is about burnout, personality and learning difficulties.


I am also a chairman at the dyslexia association Lossi

and I am now writing a second plain language book of iPad.

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Please contact: anneli(at)ahdata.net


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